Our fine local cuisine is made of regional products of a high quality, as for example: 

Les lapins de Stanstead;
The rabbits are feed 100% natural and the meat is very tasty.

Le canard du Duc de Montrichard
They are growing a duck named « Mulard » an it is of an high quality, of course they are  producing "foie gras".

Blue cheese from Ste-Elizabeth, Warwick
We buy their blue cheese and it is divine!

Of course, we have other suppliers, le Noble from Farnham,  le Riopelle from l'Île aux Grues etc it would be too long to name them all.

Our menu changes every Thursday, which allows the Chef to vary and experience a lot of products.

It is preferable to reserve at (819) 842-4363 or 1-844-840-4363

We take reservation for  service from  6h00 pm till 8h00 pm

Our restaurant is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday only


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